Facts about Skat


  • I am a brown classic tabby cat with a heart shaped pattern down one side.
  • I have white boots and a white bib and my tummy is lots of different speckled colours.
  • I'm a boy!

Early Years

  • I was born in early 2008 and raised in a pet shop in Greenwich (a suburb of London) by my mum.
  • I had 4 sisters and 3 brothers - but I don't keep in touch! You know what families are like!!!
  • I lived in the pet shop for about 5 months and was bought for £25 (err please that is far too cheap for the handsomest cat on the planet).
  • I lived in Greenwich with my first owners until 2009.


  • I moved to my new home on 3 January 2010.
  • I love it here - plenty of places to hide and sleep and once I get out of the garden there are lots of fields to go hunting in.
  • I made my first, and only, kill (a brown mouse) on 14 November 2011 at 17:05. Yes I'm very lazy...
  • Had a few more mice since then!!! and had a couple of Tom & Jerry episodes in the bedroom, much to my humans despair!
  • Vet had to give me antibiotics due to 2 fights with local ne'er-do-wells. I had my third eyelid slashed and was bitten twice on my tail - luckily all my good looks remain intact.
  • Caught a birdie on the house roof (May 2013) - master hunter extraordinaire!