Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [What do you like to eat?]
A: [I'm a Felix man. But my mum and dad say I'm very fussy. Basically it is the fish and poultry selections in jelly (sometimes I won't eat the pink pouches) and individual pouches of Tuna or Chicken. I also love the dry food from Go Cat - especially rabbit, turkey and vegetables.]

Q: [Where do you live?]
A: [I live in England, London area with my mum and dad]

Q: [How old are you?]
A: [I don't know when I was born. The vet thinks it was around May 2008, however he is certain that I'm a boy!]

Q: [Are you neutered?]
A: [I'm afraid so, I won't be fathering any litters]

Q: [What are your favourite places?]
A: [I just love going onto our roof (through the loft). I can walk along all the houses, have great views and feel really safe, plus I might just one day catch a bird up here!]

UPDATE - I caught a birdie (Sparrow) on the roof on 29 May 2013, 15:45 !!!

Q: [What are your toys?]
A: [I have lots of toy mice that I occasionally have a mad half hour with, but I always seem to lose them under the sofa. My current favourite is a plastic bottle top]

Q: [Do you have any relatives?]
A: [I do - his name is Marley, he came from the same pet shop as me, he has the same colouring, and he was born in January 2011. He eats like a horse and is truly massive - be afraid, be very afraid! I think he might be part Lion..]

Q: [Do you have any friends?]

A: [Well kind off. There is Six Supper Sid the rogue ginger tom who hangs around next door a lot and he eats in every house along the road. Not sure where he actually lives. We sort of tolerate each other. There were other cats around but they seem to have disappeared of late, they obviously know this is my patch now!]

Q: [Are you on Facebook?]

A: [Most certainly not! There is some imposter there, using MY name, but it's only a kiddies fictional character in cartoon form. I'm the real deal!]